The CFA’s 3rd Annual Franchising Meets The Money conference provides the franchise community with an overview of the M&A market for franchisors and multi-unit franchisees, explaining how and why they are attractive targets for private equity and other similar buyers.

   Owners of franchisors and multi-unit franchisees have the best opportunity that has ever existed to grow their business and find a willing buyer for some or all of their business, and at prices that value their businesses like never before. But to achieve these goals, owners need to understand what they need to do to be attractive to potential buyers, the sale process, and the industry. 

    Building on the success of last two years, the October 20, 2022 3rd Annual Franchising Meets The Money conference will provide the franchise and private equity community the opportunity to learn about developments in the past year, what stakeholders believe will happen in the coming year, and provide an opportunity to learn from those involved, through our keynote and a panel of experts on deals they have seen.

Make sure you can someday also be able to make the most of your efforts, and maximize the opportunities, by attending Franchising Meets The Money 2022!

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