Full Name
Denise Kelly
Job Title
Sales and Marketing
Dogtopia Canada
Speaker Bio
Denise Kelly is a creative thinker and a success activator. She helps franchise systems and teams play to win.

Denise celebrates over 15 years in the franchise space working with award-winning Canadian franchise brands not limited to Dogtopia Canada, A&W Food Services, Nurse Next Door, and Kumon. She brings experience and tenacity to dig deep uncovering opportunities to help both franchisors and franchisees drive growth, engage teams and activate change. Denise sits on the Canadian Franchise Association’ Lead Generation Committee and is a contributor to their publications. Her business expertise and out of the box thinking coupled with her high energy and integrity adds value to drive successful projects.

Denise wholeheartedly believes that more play leads to more innovation, success, happiness, fulfillment, and impact. A team that is engaged will convert to increased revenues and overall success.

When not supporting like-minded brands (peppering in her secret sauce), you will find her out hiking with her Dog Darcy, proudly wearing #4 on The Stanley Cupcakes female hockey team she started or exploring North Vancouver, BC natures playground with her family and friends.
Denise Kelly