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Marketing and Operations Day

Join us for the CFA's Marketing & Operations Day, where the theme of growth and collaboration takes centre stage. Discover how the alignment between marketing and operations fuels success in the franchising world as we bring together experts, franchisors, and industry leaders to share insights and best practices on integrating marketing efforts with operational excellence.
Marketing & Operations Day analyzes the latest trends and strategies in the fields through keynote speakers and informative sessions. Explore the dynamic interplay between franchise marketing and operations, learn how their collaboration creates a robust foundation for franchise success, and delve into topics such as integrating marketing strategies with operational efficiency, leveraging data-driven insights for targeted campaigns, and fostering seamless experiences for clients and customers.
Beyond the sessions, seize the opportunity to network with industry experts, fellow franchise professionals, and potential collaborators. Engage in meaningful conversations, share best practices, and forge connections that can propel your franchise forward.
Whether you want to enhance your marketing strategies, streamline operations, or forge collaborative partnerships, Marketing & Operations Day offers invaluable resources. Don't miss this chance to network with peers, gain valuable insights, and take your franchise to new heights through the power of collaboration and aligned growth strategies.