Full Name
John Gilson
Job Title
Vice President
COBS Bread
Speaker Bio
JOHN GILSON is Vice President at COBS Bread and has been involved with the business since 2003 when the first bakery opened. Initially, John served as an external consultant on real estate before joining full time in 2006. Over the last 16 years, John has been instrumental to the growth of COBS Bread across Canada, and now in the U.S. He has held key roles in all the key support areas of the business, encapsulating Real Estate Development, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Franchise Recruitment- and pretty much everything in between. Not only that, John has experienced being a franchisee himself with a smaller franchise system many years ago. In addition to his many hats at COBS, John is currently serving as a Board Director for the Canadian Franchise Association. For more information about COBS Bread, visit www.cobsbread.com
John Gilson