Full Name
Darryl Sangster
Job Title
Former Franchisor
Sangsters Franchise Group
Speaker Bio
Darryl has failed more than most! In true Entrepreneur fashion, he understands that success doesn’t come without failures and its those painful failures that formed an integral part of his success. Throughout the past 20 years, Darryl built a franchise system that incorporated manufacturing, distribution and over 40 retail franchises under the brand Sangster’s Health Centres, and lead the company to achieving the Highest Franchise Award in Canada - the 2009
CFA Award of Excellence.
Behind the scenes, Darryl’s Franchise Business Model was a fully integrated franchise system, incorporating Manufacturing, Distribution, Leasing, Retail and Franchisees. Darryl sold his franchise system in 2017, and now works 1-on-1 with Franchisors providing assistance and education on
franchising and franchise system optimization to help strengthen and expand franchise systems.
Darryl is highly regarded as an experienced former franchisor, entrepreneur and mentor within the franchise industry in addition to being an Influencer, Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Tri-Athlete, Pilot and Father to 3 Daughters.
Darryl Sangster