Practical and Proven Advice to Close Franchise Sales Today!

Are you struggling to attract the right leads to grow your system with the same methods you used pre-COVID-19? How do you implement new technologies and techniques effectively to keep your leads engaged and your pipelines flowing?

As Canadians across the country change their daily habits and lifestyles, many look to franchising as a way to take control of their employment future. Prospective franchisees are out there. How do you convert them into leads, keep them engaged, and ensure they are the right fit to contribute to your brand’s long-term growth?

Join this Franchise Development seminar to hear from a host of industry experts as they share their experiences, challenges, and techniques that focus on franchise growth in the “new normal” of 2021 and beyond. These top performing franchisors will share how their franchise concepts adapted the lead generation process to award and open new franchises during the pandemic.

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This seminar is a time-effective learning opportunity for franchisors looking to:

  • Explore how to update old methods to source and attract leads
  • Learn how to embrace virtual interviews as the new normal
  • Create an updated digital marketing strategy
  • Understand how financing has changed pre- and post-COVID-19
  • Discover inspired growth in unconventional times

Attend Franchise Development in the New Normal to gain practical tips and data-backed insights from the experts to guide your decisions and successfully grow your franchise in today’s landscape!