Thursday October 22, 2020  | 12:00 - 5:00 PM | Virtual Event




Learn from industry-leading professionals and peers about Growth and Exit Strategies, and when and how you can sell some or all of your business now or in the future to strategic investors or buyers, private equity firms, go public, or securitize your royalty streams.

This special event is intended to address how a franchisor and its shareholders can do the right things now to ensure that they are in the best position to sell themselves to private equity, or go public, now or in the future. It is also designed to create a space to connect directly with private equity from both Canada and the U.S.

Every owner/founder of each franchise system will need to exit the company at some time. Creating an exit strategy, usually through the sale of the business for the greatest amount possible, should be something every franchisor considers now. The last decade has seen an increased interest in franchise companies by private equity firms, leading to pre-pandemic multiples of 10-15 times EBITDA, which is typically only seen when a company goes public. Attending Franchising Meets the Money will provide franchisors with the information they need to best position their companies to maximize the opportunity.

The decisions and actions taken by a franchisor early on and during their growth can impact the kind of multiple they can expect a decade later. This event is a time-effective and powerful opportunity to hear from other franchisors who have been through the process and learn from their experiences as well as build contacts with Canada and U.S. private equity for the future.