Join us from October 12-14 for the Leadership & Business Development Summit - a three-day virtual event that will provide everyone from organizations of all sizes and from all sectors with practical tools, insights, and knowledge to develop leadership within your organization to be more adaptive and gain a framework and set of tools for leading change during times of uncertainty.

It will focus on critical areas including diversity, which drives innovation; engagement, which powers high-performance teams; technology, which create efficiencies and accelerates growth; and adaptability, which equips organizations with the agility to quickly run with new innovations to market.


The past year and a half have forced members of the Canadian franchise community to make the most important business decisions of their lifetimes in an atmosphere where there were no clear answers. Never before have leadership and organizational adaptability played such a critical role in the success of business outcomes. It ignited a need for us to double down on our leadership skills to steer through uncertainty and to adapt with innovations to ensure financial sustainability when the stakes have never been higher.

Today, as the Canadian economy re-opens and recovers, organizations are trying hard to establish the next best practices while figuring out what will work for their continued growth and success tomorrow. Companies that focus on leadership and innovations will gain an edge as they position their organizations for strategic growth coming out of the pandemic. Now more than ever, franchisees, franchisors and suppliers need to stay on top of trends and innovation, hone their leadership skills and refocus their development strategies to set themselves up for continued growth and success.

Franchisees Day:

Tuesday October 12

Franchisors & Suppliers Days:

Wednesday October 13
& Thursday 14

CFA's Leadership & Business Development Summit will focus on building your personal and organizational capabilities in leadership and growth to strengthen and drive your business forward and thrive.