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With the Elevate & Empower: Female Leadership During Uncertain Times seminar, you'll get fresh insights and inspiration that you can use to reconnect to your passion and purpose.

You'll be ready to meet the unique challenges faced by women in franchising, in particular those issues which have been highlighted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic concerning navigating work/life balance, networking, and more.

This event took place on May 13th 2021


"Hearing other women's success stories and how they have risen is an amazing way to start off the day"

"It was nice to be able to connect with women who've had similar experiences as well as hear them be so vulnerable and candid with their struggles." 

"Just a ton of valuable information on government grants and the opportunity for women and diversity in the workplace and how those at the top should do the research if they don't buy into having women and diversity and inclusion into the workplace. I loved the statement "don't be afraid to ask for help and raise your hand". Really a beautiful statement we all need to hear!"


Welcome and Introductions + Reigniting Your Passion While Adapting During Uncertain Times View Presentation
Encouraging Women into Business: A Look at Programs Across Canada View Presentation
How the Ontario Government is Helping Women in the Workforce View Presentation
Striking a Balance: Strategies to juggle both home & business life successfully  View Presentation
Shout it Out!: Leverage Social Media to Elevate Your Brand 
The Power of Community: The Benefits of Mentorship in Business  
The Power of “No”: Setting Work-Life Balance Boundaries in a Digital World  
Positive Leadership During Uncertain Times + Closing Remarks View Presentation
Virtual Networking Reception