Wednesday, March 8, 2023 | 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Struggling to find exceptional talent? Looking for individuals with up-to-date industry knowledge, who are eager to continue learning and motivated to benefit your company?

Book a booth at the Virtual Franchise Career Fair to tap into the exceptional talent pool in Humber College’s co-op students!

With the opportunity to connect with students across a diverse range of industries looking for full-time employment, part-time jobs, and unpaid internships to meet program requirements, this career fair will have the solutions to all your labour shortage problems!


Included in the $100 exhibitor fee (less than the cost of a single LinkedIn job post), you will have the chance to:

•    Have an unlimited number of job postings uploaded for students to view

•    Have your job postings shared on the job board and on Humber College's career portal

•    Invite your franchisees to submit job postings and join the career fair

•    Hire free and/or paid interns to help out at your business

•    Overcome the labour shortage by finding talented part-time and/or full-time employees

•    Connect with students looking to gain co-op work experience in a wide variety of industries

•    Talk face-to-face with emerging talent coming out of post-secondary schools, and learn more about their skillset and desired career paths

•    Get your company logo featured on the website and in attendee promotional materials

•    Get a list of all the attendees and their resumes to contact about future positions


If you’ve been searching for exceptional talent that brings with them a fresh perspective, valuable insight, and an eagerness to learn and contribute to your company, book your booth at CFA's Virtual Franchise Career Fair today!