The Canadian Economy & Covid-19: After the Low-Hanging Fruit

By: Katherine Judge, Economist, CIBC Capital Markets

Please join me for a presentation on the economic recovery in Canada, at the CFA’s Business Recovery Summit Series on Wednesday, October 14th.

In it, I will discuss the asymmetric recovery trajectory for different industries, as well as what the second wave of the virus means for those paths. While the recovery over the summer months occurred at a faster pace than expected, the next leg of the recovery be slower, as some industries have reached limits in terms of easing restrictions, while others have had to re-tighten restrictions. The winter months will be especially challenging given that social distancing is harder to maintain indoors. I will also provide forecasts for interest rates and CAD.

Learn more about Katherine Judge's Keynote Presentation "The Canadian Economy & Covid-19: After the Low-Hanging Fruit", taking place Wednesday Oct 14, 2020 at the FRANCHISE RECRUITMENT SUMMIT 

Economic Insights & Forecasts

Gather top-notch advice and important information from key professionals about how the economy is currently performing and where they project it will end up. As the global economy took a huge hit through COVID-19, you may be left wondering how to plan for the future of your business and now, you’ll get the data you need to succeed. With the assumption that the nation will avoid a second lockdown, now is the time for small business owners to make their recovery in the labour market and resume normal activity.

The Franchisee Recovery Summit Keynote speech will be presented by Dawn Desjardins, deputy chief economist of RBC Royal Bank. She shares her outlook for the Canadian economy, including up-to-date information, insights, and advice to equip franchisees with the knowledge they need to help ramp up their business.

In the Franchise Recruitment Summit Keynote Presentation, Katherine Judge, economist for CIBC Capital Markets, will present an economic update and forecast for small business owners. Get advice on why being armed with economic insights will help you prepare your business for potential changes in trends, outcomes, and structures in our ever-changing economy.

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The Latest Consumer Behaviours & Trends

Dive into industry knowledge to gain a better understanding of how consumer behaviour has adapted and changed over the past year, and how experts expect shoppers will behave in the coming months. Then, use that knowledge you gain to develop, pivot, and adapt your products, services, and marketing plans to increase sales effectively and efficiently. Through expert advice, you will be able to understand how consumers have been impacted by COVID-19, including how they currently feel and are spending their money in order to help adjust your strategies and plans to drive sales and revenue.

The Franchise Marketing Summit Keynote speech will be presented by Demetre Eliopoulos, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Public Affairs at Angus Reid. He will address the obstacles waiting for us on the other side of COVID-19 recovery that small business owners should prepare for. Eliopoulos comes equipped with guidance on how to jumpstart Canada’s economy back to health, including how Canadians have recently changed their behaviours and the ways they wish to be communicated with, notably through advertising. These consumer insights will help businesses address problems, gather data, and increase sales to ensure a steady journey back to recovery.

Learn more about the Franchise Marketing Summit on Wednesday October 28, 2020 at 12:30 PM