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CFA Business Recovery Summit Series

What's Happening Now? What's Changed? What's Coming Next?

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) Business Recovery Summit Series in October 2020 was a month of virtual conferences and events to help franchisors and franchisees manage, adapt, and grow their business in the "next normal" during COVID-19 recovery. With insights and learnings that address major challenges and pressing issues impacting key pillars of franchising, delegates gained a better understanding of the current franchising landscape, successful strategies employed by others, and data and intelligence to best adapt to changing consumer needs and behaviours. 

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Franchisee Recovery Summit (Wednesday, October 7)

Franchisees are important pillars of their communities and drivers of the economy. They play a major role in Canadian franchising’s contribution of over $100 Billion to our nation’s GDP. The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted every business across the country. As small and medium-sized businesses, Canadian franchisees are now faced with new and different challenges as they work towards recovering and strengthening their businesses in the “new normal”.

To support Canadian franchisees, the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is hosting a Franchisee Summit as part of its Business Recovery Summit Series. This online, virtual conference connects franchisees with industry experts for insights, tools, guidance, and practical advice to strengthen and grow their businesses. (The Franchisee Summit is completely free for any franchisee whose franchisor is a CFA member and has already registered for an Educational Pass to the CFA Business Recovery Summit Series.)

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Franchise Recruitment Summit (Wednesday, October 13)

During times of economic turmoil, franchising flourishes with a surge in franchise sales. As many Canadians turn to self-employment and business ownership, franchising offers the opportunity for Canadians to be in business for themselves, backed by an established brand and proven business concept. They’ll also have the support and framework of the franchise system to drive them towards success. Additionally, opportunities for securing prime real estate locations for franchises can grow as some businesses fail during economic downturns.

However, COVID-19 has changed the landscape. The global pandemic has changed the way we do business and how we interact. Ensure you’re prepared to take advantage of the franchising boom by equipping yourself with the data, knowledge, and insights to succeed at the CFA’s Franchise Recruitment Summit. Geared to help franchise developers and recruiters, this Summit will give you the intelligence and tools from the experts to fuel your strategy and maximize the opportunity to generate franchise sales.

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Operations & Franchisee Support Summit (Wednesday, October 21)

The franchise system is a unique business that combines franchisor and franchisees into a symbiotic partnership. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of continuous collaboration and support between franchisors and franchisees to adapt quickly to changes, challenges, and opportunities. As we move past the initial pandemic crisis, franchisee needs and expectations of their franchisors will continue to evolve.

The CFA’s Franchise Operations Summit is designed to provide insights, information, and strategies to help franchisors and franchise operations professionals better support their franchisees as we work together towards business recovery. Attend the Franchise Operations Summit to gain practical advice and invaluable information to strengthen your support to your franchise partners!

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Franchise Marketing Summit (Wednesday, October 28)

Marketing’s most important function is to identify, engage with, and convert potential consumers into valuable and loyal customers that create long term revenue streams for the entire franchise system. Through the chaos of COVID-19, marketers have had to rethink their strategies in an unpredictable environment where customers and potential franchisees contend with being homebound, social distancing, and their own financial challenges. Even as economies and businesses reopen across the country, consumer sentiments and behaviours continue to reflect the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and we can expect to see lasting effects in how customers feel, how they consume content, and how they make spending decisions.

The Marketing Summit is designed to help franchise system marketing and sales professionals gain the latest data and insights on today’s consumer as well as practical, how-to strategies and techniques to reach, engage, and convert potential franchisees and customers. Attend the CFA’s Marketing Summit and strengthen your franchise and consumer sales strategies at Canada's only marketing conference focused on franchise systems, whose marketing supports corporate, franchisees, and franchise development teams.

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Attend a number of standalone Spotlight Sessions, including:

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